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He was able to read almost eight hundred letters in the ancient Greek language.
Post-war, the Thiasos was integrated into an extension course in ancient Greek language and literature, as an introduction to ancient Greece's history and literature.
Moreover, Arisaph is derived from the ancient Greek language and reflects the Company's goal of creating best-in-class or smart medicines to improve human heath.
In an affidavit filed with the court, Professor Nussbaum cited the "Liddle [sic], Scott Lexicon of the Ancient Greek Language, the authoritative dictionary relied on by all scholars in this area" to support her claim.
The answer to my question about the ancient Greek language requirement led me to become suddenly conscious of the historicity of my own understanding.
The real name of El Greco was Domenicos Theotocopoulos as I just mentioned, however, he was signing his paintings as Domenico Theotocopuli in the ancient Greek language and not in the Greek of his era.
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