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Svoronos, thought the Antikythera Mechanism was an astrolabe, a simple instrument used by sailors in ancient Greek times to help figure out where they were when no land was in sight.
Fillet steak marinated in Ale-Gar with char grilled vegetables Worcestershire-based chef Alan Coxon, who has launched an award-winning range of ancient vinegars Alan Coxon's Ancient Greek Vinaigre and Ale-Gar
Its cast of Cypriot actors also bring a feeling of authenticity to the play, as -- it could be said -- they were brought up on such story-telling and look to the ancient Greek theatre as the ultimate teacher.
President Carolos Papoulias, decided to decorate Professor Mohamed for his magnificent contribution in the research and study of history and archaeology and for preserving the findings of the archaeological site of Cyrene, an important remnant of ancient Greek civilisation and point of reference in the brotherly relations between Greece and Libya.
Much ancient Greek art, both domestic and public, displayed naked male beauty as an image of physical, social and intellectual perfection, even though public male nudity was not common except in athletics grounds.
As for men, relationships between older men and pre-adolescent boys were encouraged but, like everything else in ancient Greek society these were governed by a strict set of rules about what was right and proper and worthy of painting on the side of a vase.
This text is a collection of the Ancient Greek dramatist Euripides' three plays that involve Orestes: Electra, Iphigenia Among the Tauri, and Orestes.
He believes studying the ancient Greek thinkers can help young people do the right thing.
HOMERIC GREEK: A BOOK FOR BEGINNERS appears in its fourth updated edition offering students an opportunity to read a Homeric poem in the original language while covering the basics of ancient Greek.
By the middle Bronze Age, the Greeks were casting gold, silver and bronze into bullion bars known as talents, which could be massive: an ancient Greek bronze talent weighed around 127 kg, not exactly what you would call small change.
London, July 23 ( ANI ): Mayor Boris Johnson is all set to recite an Olympic ode in ancient Greek that he commissioned for the 2012 London Olympics.
The color of the Milky Way (a translation of the ancient Greek galaxias, which is derived from the Greek word for milk) has long been a mystery.
Baldwin & Sons Ltd of the renowned Prospero Collection of ancient Greek coins, the top-selling lot, a 4th-century BC gold stater, made $3.
On Wednesday 23rd November 2011, the Year 5 and 6 children from Falla Park Primary School visited the famous Hancock Museum to learn all about the mighty Ancient Greek Hoplite forces, but ended up learning so much more.
Through this book, students can come to know the people of ancient Greece, learn how the ancient Greek lived and worked, and see the wide range of art forms they created.