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Synonyms for numismatics

the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

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If the Israeli ambassador wants to use ancient coins to get a sense of time and place, he should consider augmenting his one-coin collection with a few common coins used by the ancient Semites of Palestine and the Galilee.
Police sources said that they received information from local people that laborers working at an agricultural field near village Mauza Arain Wahn found ancient coins while digging earth.
The first person illegally took over 300 various ancient coins of different types, dates and shapes.
In the last leg of the tour, the pearl museum houses an impressive array of ancient coins found in the UAE leading all of way up to modern paper currency and minted coins circulated in modern day.
The sale of this tablet does not mean it will be hidden away from the public," director of ancient coins and antiquities David Michaels said.
After receiving reports about the illegal sales efforts, Facebook removed the pages featuring the stolen items, which included scrolls written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, clay tablets, and ancient coins and golden statues.
According to reports by the Islam Times, the Takfiri group offered a number of ancient coins, clay tablets, golden statues, and Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts on the social media network.
Hoards of ancient coins unearthed in modern times provide another measure of economic well-being, a sort of rough savings rate.
Cyprus is suffering as there are so many ancient coins for sale.
An amateur treasure hunter who is unemployed and in the red at the bank is in line for a share of PS1million after finding a hoard of ancient coins in a field.
4 Russians were detained by police in Kazakhstan over attempt to smuggle ancient coins and three packages of items made of non-ferrous metals of different types from Kazakhstan to Russia, said the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan on Wednesday.
No one has been detained in connection with the smuggling bid, according to the police chief, who believed the ancient coins had a high value.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Twenty-three ancient coins from Anatolia were returned to Turkey upon the wishes of an Australian collector, who had purchased the smuggled coins at different auctions throughout her life, as described in her will.
Prince Khaled honored Prince Sultan bin Salman for donating rare ancient coins to the campaign.
One of the participants said that his passion for collecting ancient coins has turned into love of looking into their history and age.
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