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an ancient kingdom in northern Mesopotamia which is in present-day Iraq

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Simo Parpola uses his contribution, "Monotheism in Ancient Assyria," to summarize and refine arguments set forth at greater length elsewhere (see n.
Though there exist competing theories with different perspectives(1) seeking to explain international production, this article adopts the eclectic paradigm in examining potential MNE behavior in ancient Assyria.
Zainab Bahrani's Graven Image aims at nothing less than the complete overturning of Eurocentric representations of the cultural and artistic legacies of ancient Assyria and Babylonia.
THE APPEARANCE IN 1993 OF Simo Parpola's "The Assyrian Tree of Life," an article whose subtitle promised to trace "the origins of Jewish monotheism and Greek philosophy" back to the religious beliefs of ancient Assyria, generated considerable excitement in the scholarly community.
Syria, in the heart of the Middle East, derives its name from ancient Assyria, the generic classical Greek word describing the stretches of land between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia.
That book was the catalyst for a phase of frantic exploration, between 1843 and 1855, which led ultimately to the discovery both of ancient Assyria and of an entire civilization, that of ancient Mesopotamia, which stretched back past BabyIonians and Sumerians to the very evolution of writing and the dawn of history.
16) In a masterful study, Peter Machinist demonstrated how Isaiah utilized the literary expressions of ancient Assyria in his portrayal of the king's rhetoric.
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