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tiny fishes usually canned or salted

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small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste

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As for anchovies, they're more myth than reality, appearing on fewer than 1% of pizzas.
Flee for your life, anchovies, for all at once an army of Adelie penguins, in unison, turn the water to a boil and fly across the open water to satiate their appetites.
POLICE in Thessaloniki have arrested a PAOK Salonika fan who is believed to have dumped a load of anchovies on the away bench ahead of the visit of Olympiakos.
Anchovies, also known as Qasha in Oman, are used in many traditional preparations such as salted, pickled, smoked and marinated anchovies.
When it comes to anchovies, you either love them or hate them.
Muscat: A group of researchers based in SQU and Monash University, Malaysian campus, who investigated the safety of traditional dried anchovies by characterising their microbial flora in a study published by African Journal of Microbiology Research in July 2013, found high levels of microbial contamination.
Some anchovies only occur in the ocean, the silver and flat anchovies, whereas the striped and bay anchovies are found in bays and even migrate into freshwater tributaries.
The classic ingredients for a nicoise salad, which may differ slightly depending on where you are or what you are reading, are tuna, potatoes, green beans, boiled egg, tomatoes, olives and anchovies, with a simple olive oil and lemon dressing.
As you might imagine, the Swedes have added some preserved fish, here in the form of ansjovis (these are not actually anchovies, but pickled sprats spiced with a little ginger and cinnamon - regular anchovies can be a little too salty for this dish, but a reduced amount would work reasonably well.
1 WHAT YOU NEED 1 kilo joint of loin of pork on the bone or rump of rose veal, 150ml white wine, sprig of rosemary, about 30 capers (salt packed ones are best), 100g canned anchovies, olive oil, salt and pepper.
However, anchovies were also found dead and it has been suggested that a problem with the anchovies - which dolphins eat - may have poisoned the dolphins too.
Jews also invented recipes using cod, mullet, anchovies and herring for seafood; lungs, kidneys, tripe and spleen from local stockyards for animal entrails; and artichokes (more torch-shaped and tender than the American variety), zucchini and fennel found in the Roman countryside.