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one retired from society for religious reasons


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Whereas hermits withdrew to isolated locations and maintained freedom of movement, anchorites were enclosed in cells, where they tended to remain for the rest of their lives.
Anchorites beneath Engaddi's palms Pacing the Dead Sea beach, And singing slow their old Armenian psalms In half-articulate speech.
Of Grumett and Muers' (2010) examples of historical meat abstinence, perhaps the most interesting is the Anchorites, to whom "meat was viewed as the paradigmatic 'hot' food, with many puns linking the sexual pleasures of human flesh with the dietary temptations of animal flesh and the carnality of the carne" (p.
One of the paradoxes of eremitism as a phenomenon is that, whether one is thinking of recluses shut into cells abutting parish churches of anchorites in remote wildernesses, hermits needed the world.
Gregory's Church was open to anchorites, lay women, wives and nuns.
and anchorites grown old in service to their Lord, will enter heaven-- a
To those unable to sustain the very rigid dietary regimen of the anchorites he intimated: "reduce bread and even water" (trans.
Before La Barbera's canvas, Rosalie had been represented only sporadically and in groups, including a stiff 13th-century Italo-Byzantine icon in which she and fellow patron saints Elias and Venera are outranked (and outsized) by the then favourite Saint Olivia; a handful of mostly quattrocento Pisan sacre conversazioni in which she usually appears in fashionable pink gowns (Pisa enjoyed trade with Palermo); and some cinquecento Sicilian panels that sometimes dressed her as a Franciscan in deference to a group of Franciscan anchorites called the Romiti di Montepellegrino, who began living in huts around her cave.
Saroyan, Jeffers, Hurston: that crazy old America of dreamy Armenians and anarchist anchorites and black farmers--that's my country.
She roots these new political ideals in Reformation theology, which "rejected the papal church's claim to be the earthly kingdom of Christ, and abolished or demoted all the traditional loci where the sacred had penetrated the temporal order: anchorites, relics, shrines, images, holy water, consecrated Host" (43).
Heijkant notes that herbs are the penitential food of Adam and Eve, Nebuchadnezzar and various anchorites of the hagiographical tradition, such as John Chrysostom who, like Partonopeu, imposes upon himself the penance of going on all fours and eating grass.
Anchorites took monastic vows and were sealed in for the rest of their lives.
Noonday Demons deals with two fourth-century anchorites each vying with each other for rigorous piety through a bizarre battle of ritual and action, each attempting to prove their superior devotion to God and their individual worthiness to be 'top dog collar'.
7-8; McAvoy," 'Closyd in an hows of ston': Discourses of Anchoritism and The Book of Margery Kempe" in Anchorites Wombs and Tombs: Intersections of Gender and Enclosure in the Middle Ages, ed.
Many anchorites and anchoresses taught people from their cells.