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SJ: Nestle's Minors brand foodservice line of flavor concentrates--roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, Ancho pepper and chipotle pepper.
50), for example, contain such diversities as sauteed escargots with sweet corn relish and an ancho pepper sauce ($6.
The seeds in the pack consist of four basic ingredients, and a fifth that defines the spiciness of the salsa: tomatillo, cilantro, `White Sweet Spanish' onion, `Roma' tomato, and ancho pepper in the mild kit, or jalapeno pepper in the hot packet.
Adding to the already Mex or New Mex culinary accent on the steak came a classic demi-glace flecked with ancho pepper bits and a crunchy corn salsa.
Warming pepper heat from the ancho peppers offsets the underlying coffee sweetness.
The skin of ancho peppers is sometimes bitter, which may be why they're often roasted over coals and placed in a paper bag to steam, for easy skin removal.