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Synonyms for anchorite

one retired from society for religious reasons


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A la provincia de 9 llaman ayllaregua porque aylla en su lengua quiere dezir 9 y la de 7 llaman relgueregua porque relgue en su lengua quiere dezir 7 y a la provincia de 5 llaman las quechereguas porque queche quiere dezir 5 (ANCh, M.V.M, Vol.
Chuck Bolduc * Dale Cozart * Terri Dalton * Pat DeMichele * Karen Edwards Lisa Fasching * Taylor Fasching * Mickey Frank * Yvonne Frazier Kent Gourdin * Marlene Jetton * Ben Jetton * Miguel Lake Michael McVeigh * Amanda Meyer * Colt Meyer * Bob Reilly * Marie Rohrbough Steve Rohrbough * Betty Tedder * Cindy Thurgood * Craig Thurgood Registrants Spouse Exhibitors Anch. '99 1029 10/2-10/6 610 73 211 Albuqu.
Ireland Library Council Annual report 2006 ibrary_Council_Annual_Report_2006.pdf anch 76iln.pdf 007Summary_000.pdf
Conditional Anch: If Destruction Bay is accessible by car from Philadelphia, then Anchorage is accessible by car from Philadelphia.
These interventions, referred to as fatigue countermeasures, include naps (e.g., Bonnet & Arand, 1995), bright lights (e.g., Thessing, Anch, Muehlbach, Schweitzer, & Walsh, 1994), caffeine (e.g., National Research Council, 2001), and activity breaks (Neri et al., 2002).
cossonii Condicion sexual autoica dioica Hialodermis caulinar presente presente Margen filidio en la liso liso base Celulas mitad lamina linear-fusiformes linear [+ or -] del filidio redondeadas Long.x anch. 120 (-155) x 5 (-6.25) 60 (-90) x 6 (-7.5) ([micro]m) Celulas alares 2-8 celulas hialinas 4-12 cel.
Von den drei Bhasas--zum Kappa, Vavahara und Nisiha, gegen 18000 Gahas zusammen--ist das seinige in der Anlage das bedeutendste und hat seinem kleinen Grundwerk dem Namen Brhatkalpasutra verschafft, anch zum Unterschied von dem traditionell Kalpasutra genannten Textbuundel" (Drei Chedasutras des Jaina-Kanons.
(17) In "Von alten und neuen Tafeln" Zarathustra uses the imagery of the road to emphasize this aspect, complicating it with a remarkable semiotic connotation: "Dort war's anch, wo ich das Wort "Ubermensch' vom Wege anflas, und dass der Mensch Etwas sei, das uberwanden werden musse" (KSA 4: 248).
Isobel Robertson was also a Toronto Br anch member.) Her first duties were to care for her younger brothers and sisters, until she left home to attend Macdonald Institute at Guelph.
The executive br anch is responsible for law enforcement, but the law it enforces is the secular law enacted by the legislature or the judgments made by the judiciary.
The showdown between al-Bashir and Turabi proves once again that political power does indeed come from the barrel of the gun as al-Bashir's military wing of the government easily triumphed over Turabi's ideological br anch. In the political scramble that ensued other quirky alliances were forged and then broken, as the temporary alliance between Turabi's failing National Congress Party (the successor to the NIF) and John Garang's SPLM.