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Ancestralism is the process of internal-validation and cultural affirmation at the core of all religious practices, which during the 19th century became identified with Africa as "ancestor worship".
Ancestralism parented key aspects of the missionary religions but the African incubator of world religions differs from missionary religions in its pragmatism, for it provides not merely a philosophical ideal but a living model of life interwoven with its natural environment and metaphysical outlook -- seasonal cycles, gender representation etc.
The convergence of the organicism of Brathwaite's vision with the charged ancestralism precipitated by the African adventure enacted in Masks is registered in this passage from X/Self in which the image of the tree assumes an eschatological significance:
Confucianism in Korea and Shinto (Japanese ancestralism) in Japan, remain central to the daily life of their respective populations and are proudly revered in national life.