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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

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The language lives when it is spoken, but is also all around us in our place names, our ancestral names and our physical environment.
than 150 family members being given ancestral names. The Ceqqa ended on the second day with James Ol Sewid VI, son of the new Clan Chief being named heir to the Clan seat in a special ceremony.
In giving specific ancestral names to several characters--among them John Dalton, Qukezwa, Xikixa, and Heitsi--Mda reinforces both the continuities and discontinuities of individual and communal lives.
The chapters, which were presumably commissioned later to complement and strengthen the comparative dimensions of the four core papers, comprise Philip Thomas' discussion of "place and ritual imagination" among the Temanambondro of southeast Madagascar; Minako Sakai on "origins, original points and rituals, and ancestral names" among the Gumai of South Sumatra; Roxana Waterson's examination of "contested landscapes" in Tana Toraja; Barbara Dix Grimes' analysis of the "representation of relations of precedence and origin" on Buru; and Nils Bubandt's "spatial poesis and localised identity" in Buli.
I am enclosing a partial list of ancestral names which are closely connected with this area.
The term "descendent of" is used somewhat ambiguously to refer back to both eponymous ancestral names and to direct forebears (e.g., grandfathers and great-grandfathers); similarly, a name designated as an "ancestor" may be a clan name (written "A PN") or a true forebear (written "DUMU/A sa PN").