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the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)

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After her impoverished family learns of its noble lineage, naive Tess Durbeyfield is sent to make an appeal to a nearby wealthy family who bear the ancestral name d'Urberville.
47, notes 31-34: read "Gimil-Anu"; Rabi-Anu is not an eponymous ancestral name at Hellenistic Uruk.
Victorian compound sentence: I cannot raise myself, I cannot revive my ancestral name; nay, I shall relinquish it forever.
The surname Adams was derived from the ancestral name of ap Adam.
But the 66-year-old star says his ancestral name is originally from South-West Wales.
Among their topics are relationships: a study of memory, change, and identity at a place called I:yem; St :lo ancestral names, identity, and the politics of history; food as a window into St :lo tradition and St :lo-newcomer relations; Totem Tigers and Salish Sluggers: a history of boxing in St :lo territory 1912-85; and rediscovering the stories of Coqualeetza Indian Hospital with fresh eyes and ears.
Individual writings include "Sto:lo Ancestral Names, Identity, and the Politics of History", "Food as a Window into Sto:lo Tradition and Sto:lo-Newcomer Relations", "Totem Tigers and Salish Sluggers: A History of Boxing in Sto:lo Territory, 1912-1985", and much more.
The only language that survived were ancestral names, but Baldwin's father and grandfather did not know what the names meant.
The papers in Part III concern segmented societies with leaders who concentrated wealth and social obligation through feasting and thereby achieved prestigious and ancestral names. In each case the authors sketch the older naming system while describing the process of change that has occurred.
The language lives when it is spoken, but is also all around us in our place names, our ancestral names and our physical environment.
than 150 family members being given ancestral names. The Ceqqa ended on the second day with James Ol Sewid VI, son of the new Clan Chief being named heir to the Clan seat in a special ceremony.
In giving specific ancestral names to several characters--among them John Dalton, Qukezwa, Xikixa, and Heitsi--Mda reinforces both the continuities and discontinuities of individual and communal lives.
The chapters, which were presumably commissioned later to complement and strengthen the comparative dimensions of the four core papers, comprise Philip Thomas' discussion of "place and ritual imagination" among the Temanambondro of southeast Madagascar; Minako Sakai on "origins, original points and rituals, and ancestral names" among the Gumai of South Sumatra; Roxana Waterson's examination of "contested landscapes" in Tana Toraja; Barbara Dix Grimes' analysis of the "representation of relations of precedence and origin" on Buru; and Nils Bubandt's "spatial poesis and localised identity" in Buli.
ANCESTRAL NAMES The oldest and most common type of surname is derived from an ancestor's given name, most often a patronymic.
I am enclosing a partial list of ancestral names which are closely connected with this area.