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worship of ancestors

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The background of the patrilocal residence pattern is explained by focusing on the meaning and role of ancestor-worship. In the French period commerce was considered unworthy of men's respect.
Many of the new religions incorporate elements of the two main religions and are interlarded with such practices as Confucianism, folk religion, shamanism, ancestor-worship, animism, and curiously Shinkyo (Protestantism) and Katorikku (Catholicism).
I found this essay hard to follow, as it mingles the theme of combating the dominant worldview in the academy with that of honoring the spirits of our ancestors; I wasn't sure whether James strengthened or weakened her case with the claim that ancestor-worship, despite official disdain, was well entrenched in the universities.
Or maybe it was just ancestor-worship. As the family's outstanding dissident, Ellen Borden Stevenson, put it, 'The Stevensons must be Chinese, they worship their ancestors so much.' Or, more accurately as AES II's sister Buffie put it, 'What my brother became was the result of the influences in this house.'