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In Third Isaiah the early post-exilic prophet's break with prevalent ideas of social structure was intended to reconstitute the temple community, (94) and here this new sense of inclusion is radically expressed through a re-conceptualization of ancestor veneration.
The objects in the cave have been considered to be symbolic paraphernalia related to funerary rituals involving ancestor veneration (Goren et al.
The tradition of ancestor veneration is shown by the funeral practices with offerings of food, and clothing.
In the ritual of ancestor veneration, the role of the elder son is central.
Of course this name had connotations in Chinese culture, especially with their ancestor veneration.
Their decision is an implicit confirmation of "the old ways": the religion of ancestor veneration, the acute awareness of the spirits of the dead and their connection with the living and the not-yet-born, and the valuing of community above the individual.
Several bishops, for example, discussed ancestor veneration and its implications for Christianity.
The priests show some good insights into the possibilities Vatican II (1962-65) offers for religious dialogue, but they do not communicate any of these points to the laity, who still believe that their ancestor veneration, spirit possession, and initiation rites (which, according to the church's teaching, are paganism or idolatry) involve serving multiple gods.
has a sustained meditation on the question of filial piety and ancestor veneration.
Twenty years ago, one of us noted that `the extent to which ancestor veneration played a large part in Maya religion is-only now beginning to be appreciated' (Hammond 1982: 321), and that such veneration was explicitly portrayed in Classic Maya iconography (Hammond 1981).
The image of the elephant appears on some of the most important ritual objects used in ancestor veneration, masquerades, and rites of passage.
Applying charms and incantations for cures netted five merits for a slight illness, ten for a major one (but no merits at all if payment was received), while ancestor veneration brought ten merits, and burning incense for the sake of country and people, two.