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a bacterial toxin that has been weakened until it is no longer toxic but is strong enough to induce the formation of antibodies and immunity to the specific disease caused by the toxin


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Both rotifers and cladocerans are strongly inhibited when cultured with this cyanobacterium or its endotoxin, anatoxin-a (Gilbert 1994; M.
In the experiments testing the effect of anatoxin-a on A.
For this reason, an experiment was conducted to determine if the highest concentration of anatoxin-a used (1 [[micro]gram]/mL) inhibited C.
The LC/MS/MS will also be used to measure Cylindrospermopsin and Anatoxin-a in drinking water by EPA Method 545 in support of UCMR4.
The tests confirmed the presence of anatoxin-a, a toxic substance released by naturally occurring blue-green algae.
Jerry Heidel, director of the OSU lab, said anatoxin-a is a strong poison that can cause symptoms almost immediately, including muscle tremors, breathing difficulty and convulsions.