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a member of an ancient people who inhabited Anatolia and northern Syria about 2000 to 1200 BC

the language of the Hittites and the principal language of the Anatolian group of languages

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akhu- (and nakula-), I am not arguing that the latter is a direct borrowing from (pre-)Hittite or some other Indo-European Anatolian language. (Even Gamkrelidze and Ivanov 1995: 809, who consider the Indo-European homeland to have been in greater Anatolia [though somewhat more to the east of where Renfrew would have it, roughly in modern-day Armenia], write, "It is significant that the Anatolian languages give no evidence of contact with Indo-Iranian and vice versa.
It seems most likely to me that Krause was essentially correct and that the Tocharian selo-presents are old PIE iteratives, just as the s[hat{k}]elo-presents (both formations are common in the Anatolian languages).
Carian was a nonGreek language, possibly from the Anatolian language family, which is an Indo-European group that includes Hittite and Lydian (OCD3 s.v.