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The Anatolian plateau was the solid centre of the Ottoman Empire, what the Turks called their true home.
Armenians are an ancient Christian community, one of the oldest in the world, whose origins lie in the Anatolian plateau of Asia Minor.
Originally from the arid Anatolian Plateau in Turkey, the animals are well suited to Namibia's climatic extremes, and have been valued for thousands of years for their ability to guard vast open territories without human supervision.
Inland, the salty landscape of the Anatolian Plateau is bordered by the limestone peaks of the Taurus mountains along the Mediterranean to the south.
Behind the narrow coastal plain are the Taurus Mountains which protect the area year-round from the more extreme weather of the Anatolian plateau.
Mitchell's account of the rise of the Church offers a range of new perspectives because it is the first synthesis to make use of much recent work on inscriptions from the Anatolian plateau, above all the ancient regions of Phrygia, Pisidia, and Lykaonia.
Anyone approaching the city from the drab Anatolian plateau is immediately struck by the immensity of "God's Mountain", at 2,327 metres the highest peak in western Anatolia, and the lushness of the surrounding vegetation.