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an extinct branch of the Indo-European family of languages known from inscriptions and important in the reconstruction of Proto-Indo European

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In 1994, Marker began testing the idea by giving Nanlibian farmers Anatolian shepherds.
Evidence also suggests the Anatolians employed the use of investment casting.
Beyond London, AaAaAeAuzkanca hopes to further showcase Anatolian cuisi globally, by expanding the restaurant to other locations such as the United States.
Erdoy-an also said that plans for an extension to the Central Anatolian city of Kayseri were in the works.
Pakistan Air Force has been participating in Anatolian Eagle since 2004 and this is PAFs 9th participation in this exercise.
Saturday the Anatolian Agency reported the Turkish Vice-PM found that many of the old Ottoman sites in Bulgaria, including some of the largest mosques on the Balkans, are not well maintained.
"Our analysis finds decisive support for an Anatolian origin over a steppe origin of Indo-European languages," Atkinson says.
"We will do whatever is necessary, but military intervention is not an option for Turkey," Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc was quoted as saying by the state news agency Anatolian.
State-run news agency Anatolian said some buildings had collapsed.
Noting that the train would be used in the high-speed train line between capital Ankara and central Anatolian province of Konya, Karaman said that it would drop the travel time between the two cities to one hour and 15 minutes.
The objective of the present investigation was to study single nukleotid changes genetic in leptin gene in indigenous (East Anatolian red Cattle and Anatolian Black) cattle breeds.
Summary: A small bomb exploded in front of military housing in the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir overnight, wounding two people slightly, state-run Anatolian news agency reported Friday.
Summary: ANKARA, Sha&'ban 23, 1431/Aug 4, 2010, SPA -- Turkey announced a round of promotions for the top brass in NATO&'s second largest military on Wednesday but unexpectedly failed to name a new head of the armed forces or army chief, Reuters cited Anatolian news agency as saying.
An Istanbul court on Wednesday released nine military officers, including three admirals, who have been charged in an alleged plot to overthrow the government, the state-run Anatolian news agency said, according to Reuters.
This year's bash will feature a reception, three-course dinner, awards presentation, charity raffle, and dancing until midnight, with the winner receiving a seven-night holiday for two to North Cyprus - provided by Anatolian SkyHolidays.