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That's when Cottam brought her Greek cuisine and her namesake to Anatolia - a move that also brought a loyal customer base with it, Hull said.
The Istanbul court reduced Demir's sentence, arguing that more than one person was involved in the killings, that the person who dealt the killer blow had not been identified and because the victims "had provoked" the attack, Anatolia reported.
The findings in Anatolia include a wide range of items, such as simple ornaments, tools, advanced weapons, artifacts reflecting religious beliefs, statues and luxury goods reflecting their tastes.
For their part, Turks remember that if the western powers had had their way in 1919, they would now be confined to a barren bit of central Anatolia with all the choicest parts of the country divided among their triumphant enemies.
The Southeast Anatolia Project is the largest and the most comprehensive regional development project ever implemented in Turkey.
Garstang took pictures of his own excavations and also traveled across Central Anatolia to take photographs of other excavation teams, of inscriptions and monuments that existed back then, as well as of landscapes and the cultural and traditional lifestyles of people of the time.
During the NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Anatolia on Wednesday, Stoltenberg said no decision on making buffer zones in Syria would be made during that meeting, and that this issue had been discussed several times, but the NATO isn't the side with the authority to decide whether to establish a buffer zone in Syria or not.
Situation : The Southeast Anatolia Region (often referred to as GAP region) has been the subject of efforts to normalize levels of development, income, and living standards between the Southeast Anatolia region and other regions of Turkey.
Istanbul: The powerful head of Turkey's intelligence agency, one of the closest allies of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has resigned to stand for election as a lawmaker, the official Anatolia news agency said on Saturday.
Abraaj's Anatolia Growth Capital Fund invests in high growth companies focusing on the developing provinces and regions of Anatolia.
Excavation of a monumental public building, unique in central Anatolia at this date, suggests that Kanesh was a prosperous regional centre long before the arrival of Assyrian merchants during the second millennium BC.
ISTANBUL - An armed Kurdish group has abducted two Turkish soldiers in the southeast of the country, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported Sunday.
Mecit investigates the ideology and mentality of the Seljuqs of Rum (473-641/1081-1243) rather than the general military and political history of the little known branch of the Seljuqs, who ruled in Anatolia considerably longer than the Great Seljuqs did further east.
ROYAL HUNT CUP winner Belgian Bill will not be making a return to Ascot for the valuable Betfair International Handicap this weekend as he is being saved for a third successive trip to Turkey for the Anatolia Trophy in September, writes David Milnes.
BAGHDAD / NINA / large public rallies roamed around the streets of the Turkish city of Anatolia last night and continued until dawn today to celebrate the Iraqi youth team's victory against Paraguay in the World Cup U-20.