compound interest

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interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest

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Several authors, such as DeLosso, Giovannetti & Rangel (2012), Nogueira (2013), Rovina (2009) and Sandrini (2007), contend that any debt amortization scheme based on the compound interest practice implies anatocism, namely.
b) If R > 0 , the corresponding value of P, which is determined when the values of F, R, n and i are given, should be such that anatocism does not occur.
n), we will not have the occurrence of anatocism, in the sense as defined by Houaiss (2011), provided we do not have any overdue payment.
In this last scenario, if there is no overdue payment, we not only have absence of anatocism, although based on compound interest, but the outstanding debt can also be unambiguously determined using any one of the three classical procedures: the retrospective, the prospective, and the method of recurrence.