dabbling duck

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any of numerous shallow-water ducks that feed by upending and dabbling


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Duck (Anatinae) species present on Boreal Transition Zone wetlands (n = 14) in central Alberta during the breeding (May) and molting (August) periods in 2006.
first, through a comparative study of the Anatinae, a group of birds
Comparative studies on the behaviour of the Anatinae.
(Note that within the order Anseriformes, sexual dichromatism is recently derived and is limited to tribes in the sister subfamilies Tadorninae and Anatinae, Livezey 1986).
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El monitoreo de L demostro ser un factor clave, ya que en este sitio se efectuaron 9 de los 23 registros ineditos; entre ellas, 4 especies de patos y una cerceta de la familia Anatinae: Anas acuta, A.
Among waterfowl, only the ducks (subfamily Anatinae) are largely sexually dichromatic; thus, we restricted our analysis to that taxon.