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The largest number of individuals were presented in the families: Psitacidae (N = 340, S = 10), Thraupidae (N = 199, S = 13) and Tyrannidae (N = 164, S = 18), unlike the Turdidae, Anatidae, Anhimidae, Alcedinidae and Therskiornithiadae families, which each had three or fewer individuals.
The heavy body weight and reliance of Anatidae on their legs and feet means that a rapid return to function, as well as a pain-free functional outcome, is essential to a long-term positive outcome.
Of birds, mainly water fowl of the Anatidae family were hunted.
It belongs to Aves birds class, to Anseriformes order to Anatidae family [18].
especificos (Rhea americana, Anatidae, Myocastor coypus y Chaetophractus villosus); los restantes datos provienen de los valores de [delta][sup.13]Ccol.
Nearly every microslide contained downy barbs of gull (Laridae) species (Table 1), while only one of the 12 samples contained downy barbs of a duck species (Anseriformes: Family: Anatidae).
Application of weight method based on canonical correspondence analysis for assessment of Anatidae habitat suitability: A case study in East Dongting Lake, Middle China.
Familia/especies Alimento Habitat de en riesgo reproduccion Anatidae: Cairina Plantas acuaticas, Pastos, raices, moschata, Nomonix insectos, peces, vegetacion dominicus, Anas plancton, variada discors crustaceos, frutos, Artropodos, algas Phoenicopteridae: Crustaceos, materia Bajos de Phoenicopterus organica lodo y arena ruber Ciconiidae: Jabiru Peces, anfibios, Arboles y arbustos mycteria y crustaceos, Mycteria americana reptiles, aves, Arboles y arbustos insectos *Phalacrocoracidae: Peces Phalacrocorax auritus, P.
In addition to the wild duck species in the Anatidae family of birds, Joie Matillano of Western Philippines University (WPU) noted that there were also Oriental dwarf kingfishers (Ceyx erithaca); Blue-eared kingfishers (Alcedo meninting); Common flamebacks (Dinopium javanense); Hooded pittas (Pitta sordida); Common kingfishers (Alcedo atthis); Ashy-headed babblers (Malacocincla cinereiceps); Grey-cheeked bulbul (Alophoixus bres); Grey herons (Ardea cinerea); Great egrets (Ardea alba); Western osprey (Pandion haliaetus); Spangled drongo (Dicrurus bracteatus); and Pin-striped tit babblers (Mixornis gularis) that reside in the only freshwater lake in the province's mainland.
Asterisks at the bottom of sequence indicate sequence identity while the highlighted nucleotides are the variation among the two species for the identification of various avian species of Phasianidae Anatidae Gruidae Scolopacidae Accipitridae Falconidae Struthionidae and Psittacidae families (Boonseub et al.