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An excisional biopsy was performed under local anasthesia.
Surgery was performed under local infiltration anasthesia with 2% lignocaine hydrochloride.
Jamaal's parents are blaming doctors for using general anasthesia instead of a local anasthetic.
Long time, no see: Keith Porter, Prof of Traumatology 1986 til closed, and Oliver Dearlove, Senior Registrar of Anasthesia 1985 til closed.
Each time she had anasthesia and the doctor put in a small red tube that drained the fluid behind the ear drum.
Spinal and caudal lord anasthesia were used intermittently from 1900 onwards, When epidural infusions via catheters became variable in the 1950s local anaesthesia gradually gained widespread acceptance in obstetrics.
He and his wife, Anasthesia, were married in September 1970 in Avondale.