Anastatica hierochuntica

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small grey Asiatic desert plant bearing minute white flowers that rolls up when dry and expands when moist

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In his The Herball, or, Generali Historie of Plantes, originally published in 1597, the pre-Linnaean botanist and herbalist John Gerard referred to Anastatica hierochuntica as the "heath rose of Jericho," categorizing it as a heath rather than a mustard or cabbage (family Cruciferae).
In Chapter 2 of Book II, which details the natural geography of Turkey, Murray writes that "the plant, vulgarly known under the name of the Rose of Jericho, is no rose at all, but a small cruciferous plant, a native of the deserts of Arabia, the Anastatica hierochuntica [no italics in original]" (Murray, The Encyclopedia 243).
[6.] Hegazy AK, Barakat HN, Kabiel HF (2006) Anatomical significance of the hygrochastic movement in Anastatica hierochuntica. Ann Bot 97: 47-55.
(1) Anastatica hierochuntica also known as Rose of Jericho, Resurrection plant, Genggam Fatimah, (2) or very commonly in Arabic, Kaf Mariam (Mary's hand) is found in the Sahara-Arabian deserts and widely available in Middle Eastern societies where it is consumed as a herbal tea during pregnancy.
Heliotropium ramosissimum (Lehm.) DC Somme Brassicaceae Anastatica hierochuntica L.
Examples of species whose mucilaginous seeds adhere to the soil surface (myxospermy) (Zohary, 1937, 1962) are Anastatica hierochuntica L., Carrichtera annua, Reboudia pinnata (Viv.) Tackh.