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Synonyms for anastomosis

a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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Using the superior approach, the scar is concealed in swimsuits and undergarments but the pedicle length is shorter than the inferior approach, making the anastamosis more difficult.
Elective resection and anastamosis for colorectal cancer: a prospective audit of mortality and morbidity.
Egan's business card provides what Miller would call the anastamosis, that is, the line that joins two characters, "like a telephone line" (44).
The anterior and posterior humeral circumflex vessels have branches that directly penetrate bone; other arteries contribute through anastamosis systems with the circumflex vessels.
Repair of peripheral nerve injuries is limited by the growth of neuromas and fibrous tissue into the anastamosis.
Operations done: stoma formation (2), intestinal resection and anastamosis (2), portoenterostomy (1), pyloroplasty (1), exploratory laparotomy (1).
Todhunter et al (9) observed a reduction in lumen diameter of oesophagus on 15th and 30th day postoperatively and an increase between 30th and 40th days during healing process following cervical oesophageal resection and anastamosis in equines.
The robot was used to successfully perform the suturing of the anastamosis from the aorta to the bypass graft.
On random effects analysis of ureteroenteric stricture rate per ureter, the Bricker ureteroeneteric anastamosis was not associated with a significantly higher overall stricture rate compared to the Wallace ureteroenteric anastomosis (Fig.