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extinct order of jawless vertebrates

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The presence of osteostracan, anaspid, thelodont, acanthodian and possible placoderm remains in the Eastport Formation of Maine mirrors the vertebrate fauna known elsewhere in the Lower Old Red Sandstone of eastern North America and Europe (e.g., Denison 1956; the 'Cephaslaspid province of Young 1981; the North Atlantic province of Dineley and Loeffler 1993; and the 'central Appalachian zone' of Blieck and Janvier 1999, Burrow et al.
The osteostracan and anaspid remains are not readily identified to species level, particularly with so few specimens; but they generally resemble those from the late Silurian - Early Devonian Old Red Sandstone facies (e.g., Denison 1956; Blom et al.
Rich thelodont, osteostracan and anaspid fauna with Phl.
sp.; anaspid Tahulalepis elongituberculata Blom, Marss & Miller; acanthodians Nostolepis striata Pander, Gomphonchus sandelensis (Pander), Poracanthodes porosus Brotzen.
It occurs together with the thelodont Phlebolepis elegans Pander, a heterostracan Archegonaspis sp., birkeniid anaspids, acanthodians Nostolepis striata Pander, Gomphonchus sandelensis (Pander), and Gomphonchus hoppei (Gross), and a taxon that has similarities with Thelodus parvidens Agassiz.
They come from grey and greenish-grey limestones with thin interlayers of clay containing also ostracodes, bivalves, and scales of thelodonts, fragments of osteostracans and anaspids.