sea hare

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naked marine gastropod having a soft body with reduced internal shell and two pairs of ear-like tentacles

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the opisthobranch orders Cephalaspidea and Anaspidea have figured prominently in classical and more recent studies on hermaphrodite mating strategies (Leonard and Lukowiak, 1984; Angeloni and Bradbury, 1999; Angeloni et al.
Larval development of Phyllaplysia taylori DALL, with a discussion of development in the Anaspidea (Opisthobranchia: Anaspidea).
Chemical defense occurs in eggs or egg masses of some opisthobranchs; however, in these other taxa, the defensive compounds are maternally derived, as occurs in the Anaspidea (Pennings, 1994), Ascoglossa (Paul and Van Alstyne, 1988), Nudibranchia (Pawlik et al.
Morphogenesis in notaspidean veligers is modified from the pattern--characteristic of benthic opisthobranchs--that is observed in the Cephalaspidea, Ascoglossa, Anaspidea, and Nudibranchia (e.