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a Native American who lived in what is now southern Colorado and Utah and northern Arizona and New Mexico and who built cliff dwellings

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La explotacion extrema de los ecosistemas proporciona la base para la aceleracion del colapso, definen la trayectoria en la cual su ocurrencia final termina siendo solo cuestion de tiempo, como fue en la Isla de Pascua, en la Groenlandia nordica y con los anasazis en el sudoeste de Estados Unidos.
Estos fueron un factor decisivo en el colapso de Groenlandia, tambien para los anasazis y los mayas.
The chronicle is fascinating, beginning with the Anasazis, then the Spanish inscriptions, which recorded the conquest, conversion and colonization of New Mexico.
For example, the Anasazi Indians of the Southwest lived high above the plains on cliffs, which afforded natural surveillance.
Unfortunately, many modern communities are not designed as carefully as the Anasazi villages.
In fact, that's how Anasazi Software got its start.
Anasazi generally devotes a year or more to creating development standards when adopting a new technology.