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a Native American who lived in what is now southern Colorado and Utah and northern Arizona and New Mexico and who built cliff dwellings

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Unfortunately, many modern communities are not designed as carefully as the Anasazi villages.
Here is where Navajo statements about the Anasazis come in.
(6.) Another link between the Anasazis and the Navajos is that Navajo stories of the origins of many Navajo clans attribute their ancestry to the occupants of particular Anasazi archaeological sit to various Pueblo Indian groups (see, for example, Matthews [1897] and Mitchell [1978]), who in turn identify the Anasazis, or at least the occupants of particular Anasazi archaeological sites, as thei (7.) The "Western Scientific" way of knowing, incidentally, from a "holistic" viewpoint like Navajo seems paradoxical in its reliance on analytical disarticulation, after which its all-too-huma practitioners forget to reassemble things (at least analytically) and see if they still work togethe world as they seemed to in experimental isolation.
We, the Navajo people, are traveling on the same road the Anasazi traveled.
People mentioned certain prehistoric Anasazi archaeological sites--usually ruined masonry pueblos, sometimes petroglyph panels.
In terms of significance, most of these places, especially the natural landscape features, Navajo archaeological sites, and some prehistoric Anasazi archaeological sites, are important because they are where people have performed the activities that keep Navajo life going and because stories go with them.
Anasazi generally devotes a year or more to creating development standards when adopting a new technology.
I'd like to thank Jon Gabriel, Anasazi's Marketing Director, for his assistance with this article.
Mike Morris is President of Anasazi Software, Inc., which he co-founded in 1989.