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The accessible population was determined as the nursing agencies that are members of ANASA (N=45).
ANASA members attending the General Annual Meeting of ANASA and subsequent standard formulation workshops, based upon an open invitation by the ANASA management.
ANASA Executive Committee Members that were elected by the members to represent them and act as the leadership within the mandate given by their membership (second set of draft standards).
Invited nursing service managers from hospitals that were determined by the ANASA members as significant clients to validate the final (third) set of standards on 30 August 2000.
Panel members (agency nursing practitioners) invited by ANASA to participate in the final validation of standards on 30 August 2000.
Pilot testing of the standards by means of a "moc survey" by the researcher and three members of ANASA in November 2000, was lastly conducted at a nursing agency who volunteered to be included in the pilot testing.
Due to the fact that the South African Nursing Council (SANC) representatives could not attend this workshop, the ANASA Executive Committee made an appointment with them in December 2000 and discussed/confirmed the standards with them.
5 The publications from ANASA are available/accessible to update nursing agencies on relevant matters
That ANASA acts as the official peer group to foster quality service delivery by nursing agencies in South Africa.