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Among 492 healthy individuals, 16 samples were demonstrated to be positive for at least one of the eight disease-specific ANAs by each EIA-based reagent set.
To investigate the selectivity for the disease-specific ANAs that could be detected with certainty by the COBAS-ANA and IF-ANA, we analyzed CTD patients whose sera were positive for only one disease-specific ANA, including 15 patients with anti-U1RNP antibody, 18 patients with anti-SSA/Ro antibody, 14 patients with anti-centromere antibody, 5 patients with anti-Jo-1 antibody, and 19 patients with anti-dsDNA antibody.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of the COBAS-ANA, a new EIA-based screening method for detection of ANAs in comparison with the IF-ANA in patients who had been diagnosed as having CTD and in healthy individuals who had been selected based on strict criteria.
For these reasons, the development of a simple method for detecting ANAs without requiring training in laboratory procedures has been anticipated as a substitute for IF-ANA.
On the verge of another Santa Ana season, forest and fire service crews around the Santa Clarita Valley are keeping watchful eyes on Bouquet and Soledad canyons, where nature has all the ingredients to cook up the types of volatile brush fires that feed off the hot seasonal winds.
The Santa Ana winds - which National Weather Service officials on Friday said have yet to officially begin this season - are one of the most dreaded weather conditions for firefighters.
Besides Bouquet and Soledad canyons, other local areas where the risk of brush fires is great this season include campgrounds and recreational areas along the I-5 corridor, such as Lake Elizabeth, Lake Hughes and Pyramid Lake, where Santa Ana winds and the potential for human error coexist.
When the Santa Ana season hits, fire crews with the Angeles National Forest Service, Los Angeles County and other area agencies are prepared.
A strong Santa Ana, however, can quickly dry out even damp brush.