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Scientific establishments within the ANAS are currently conducting research into around 500 scientific projects, aimed at solving 130 scientific problems.
Premium Class passengers have been invited to use the ANA Lounges at Tokyo Haneda and Osaka Itami airports since April 1, 2008.
As ANA is a member of Star Alliance, the worlds premier airline grouping, Star Alliance Gold Members will also be invited to use the lounges.
From April 1 to May 31, customers using ANA Lounges in Tokyo Haneda, Osaka Itami, Fukuoka and Sapporo Chitose will be able to enjoy video programmes in private and experience a big screen feeling using a Myvu personal media viewer, which is worn like eyewear.
All Nippon Airways (TSE: 9202), or ANA, is the seventh largest airline in the world by passenger load (IATA ranking) and Japan's largest domestic carrier.
All samples collected from CTD patients and healthy individuals were randomly numbered and were blindly examined for ANAs by both the COBAS-ANA and the IF-ANA and were also analyzed for the eight disease-specific ANAs by each EIA-based reagent set.
Among 492 healthy individuals, 16 samples were demonstrated to be positive for at least one of the eight disease-specific ANAs by each EIA-based reagent set.
To investigate the selectivity for the disease-specific ANAs that could be detected with certainty by the COBAS-ANA and IF-ANA, we analyzed CTD patients whose sera were positive for only one disease-specific ANA, including 15 patients with anti-U1RNP antibody, 18 patients with anti-SSA/Ro antibody, 14 patients with anti-centromere antibody, 5 patients with anti-Jo-1 antibody, and 19 patients with anti-dsDNA antibody.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of the COBAS-ANA, a new EIA-based screening method for detection of ANAs in comparison with the IF-ANA in patients who had been diagnosed as having CTD and in healthy individuals who had been selected based on strict criteria.
In the same voice, the Gringo hitmaker has also expressed his sentiment on Facebook saying, he will let Anas investigate the showbiz industry if he gets good money.
He wrote, 'If I make good money I will try and let Anas investigate this music industry for me waa...'
ANA is the largest airline in Japan by revenues and passenger numbers.