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All samples collected from CTD patients and healthy individuals were randomly numbered and were blindly examined for ANAs by both the COBAS-ANA and the IF-ANA and were also analyzed for the eight disease-specific ANAs by each EIA-based reagent set.
It is important to establish the inclusion criteria for healthy individuals carefully so that the reference interval for ANAs can be set correctly.
The COBAS[R] Core HEp2 ANA EIA (COBAS-ANA; Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany), an EIA reagent set for ANA detection, was used to detect ANAs with a COBAS Core II (Roche Diagnostics), an automated analyzer for EIAs.
In 1957, Friou (1) developed an immunofluorescence-based method (IFANA), and it has been widely used for detection of ANAs in general (a screening test for ANAs as a whole).
Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) methods that allow detection of individual disease-specific ANAs have recently been developed by use of antigens extracted from HEp-2 cells and/or specific purified or recombinant antigens (6, 7).
Comparison of the COBAS-ANA and the IF-ANA for measurement of ANAs in patients with CTD.
Although there's little, if anything, that can be done about the wind and vegetation during the Santa Ana season, forest and fire service officials actively emphasize fire prevention.
The Santa Ana winds - which National Weather Service officials on Friday said have yet to officially begin this season - are one of the most dreaded weather conditions for firefighters.
On the verge of another Santa Ana season, forest and fire service crews around the Santa Clarita Valley are keeping watchful eyes on Bouquet and Soledad canyons, where nature has all the ingredients to cook up the types of volatile brush fires that feed off the hot seasonal winds.