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partial or total loss of articulate speech resulting from lesions of the central nervous system

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The megagametophyte in Anarthria (Anarthriaceae, Poales) and its implications for the phylogeny of the Poales.
Table II Micropylar nucellar structures in commelinoid families Family Nucellus Anarthriaceae Tenuinucellate Arecaceae Crassinucellate Bromeliaceae Crassinucellate Cannaceae Crassinucellate Cartonemataceae Crassinucellate Centrolepidaceae Tenuinucellate Commelinaceae Crassinucellate (tenuinucellate in Cyanotis) Costaceae Crassinucellate Cyperaceae Crassinucellate Dasypogonaceae Crassinucellate Ecdeiocoleaeeae Tenuinucellate Eriocaulaceae Tenuinucellate Flagellariaceae Crassinucellate Haemodoraceae Crassinucellate Hanguanaceae Unknown Heliconiaceae Crassinucellate Hydatellaceae Unknown Joinvilleaceae Unknown, but nucellar cap present (Fig.