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35] and the wolf fish Anarhichas minor Olafsen [20], also showed an extended period of sperm movement in the presence of OF, with motility lasting for 2 h in the bullhead and 48 h in the wolf fish.
5-5 min at ND [46] 15-20[degrees]C Anarhichas minor >2 days 40-50 [20] Scophthalmus maximus 600 s 220 [47] Takifugu niphobles 50 s 160 [48] Oncorhynchus mykiss 30 s 220 [49] Abramis brama 20 min ND [21] orientalis Engraulis Japonicus 60 [+ or -] 11 196 [+ or -] 26 Present min at RT result (*) Duration of motility refers to the period of time from activation to complete inactivation where no single sperm is seen to be active.
Reproduksjonsbiologiske undersekelser av gra steinbit Anarhichas lupus (L.
Reproduction, spawning behavior and captive breeding of the common wolffish Anarhichas lupus L.
Where do juvenile Atlantic wolffish, Anarhichas lupus, live?
Management by life cycle of wolffish, Anarhichas lupus L.
In summer, it avoids a predator, the diurnal-feeding wolffish Anarhichas lupus, by foraging at night (Bernstein et al.
1984), and this characteristic may explain why natural aggregations of this species decreased in number with increasing abundance of the predatory wolffish Anarhichas tupus (Bernstein et at.
Final hosts are carnivorous teleosts belonging to the genus Anarhichas, which acquire the parasite by preying on infected whelks.
Influence of egg lipids and fatty acids on egg viability, and their utilization during embryonic development of spotted wolf-fish, Anarhichas minor Olafsen.
I] Bering wolffish and wolfeel Anarhichas orientalis and Anarrhichthys ocellatus Searcher Bathymaster [signatus.