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Synonyms for anarchist

Synonyms for anarchist

an advocate of anarchism

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There were cries of "Sedition!" and a great, rotund New York member began shouting "Anarchist!" at Ernest.
The cries of "Sedition!" and "Anarchist!" redoubled.
And yet you call me anarchist. You, who have destroyed the government of the people, and who shamelessly flaunt your scarlet shame in public places, call me anarchist.
He learned, also, that he spoke nightly to the workmen in the City Hall Park, and that among the anarchists and agitators that there inflamed the minds of the people he drew the largest audiences and made the most revolutionary speeches.
"That," replied the Anarchist, who was not without a certain hardness of head, "that is none of your business; I am not bound to be consistent.
He had become a monomaniac and an anarchist--not a philosophic anarchist, merely, but a violent anarchist.
It's a society," he explained, standing ponderously by the side of the arm-chair, "not anarchist in principle, but open to all shades of revolutionary opinion."
Schliemann called himself a "philosophic anarchist"; and he explained that an anarchist was one who believed that the end of human existence was the free development of every personality, unrestricted by laws save those of its own being.
"The first Anarchist," Maud laughed, rising and preparing to withdraw to her state-room.
And there were editorials written in which he was called an enemy of society, possessed of the manners and culture of a caveman, a fomenter of wasteful business troubles, the destroyer of the city's prosperity in commerce and trade, an anarchist of dire menace; and one editorial gravely recommended that hanging would be a lesson to him and his ilk, and concluded with the fervent hope that some day his big motor-car would smash up and smash him with it.
Such projects have earned the anarchists some grudging respect--The Atlantic, The Guardian, and other outlets have run positive pieces on the refugee centers.
Looking beyond acts of political violence to the actors themselves, Kemp finds that most were not anarchists, as the mainstream proclaimed, but held a wide range of political beliefs.
Travis Tomchuk, Transnational Radicals: Italian Anarchists in Canada and the U.S., 1915-1940 (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2015)
In this initial work, Bettini traced the transnational networks of Italian anarchists: their movement, activities, and most importantly, their publications and personal trajectories.
early anarchists were no longer romantic dreamers opposed to modernity, but full members of the modernist and essentialist project of 'Enlightenment humanism' (Day, 2005: 134), or 'merely modern' (Call, 2002: 65) thinkers.