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Synonyms for meiosis

(genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms

understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary)

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rubromarginata the chromosome segregation takes place in anaphase I whereas the equational division occurs during anaphase II.
The duration from metaphase I to anaphase II occupied less than 24 h, which was consistent with previous studies of meiotic timing in grasshoppers (Peacock 1970).
The centromeres then divide at the beginning of anaphase II, and the two chromatids separate and move toward opposite poles.
On the other hand, sex chromosomes behave as univalents in male meiosis I; they divide equationally at anaphase I, associate at meiosis II through the touch-and-go pairing and segregate reductionally at anaphase II (Ueshima, 1979; Manna, 1984; Papeschi & Bressa, 2007).
This differs from CD-washout, in which dual anaphase II spindles appear nearly end-on to the cortex (Fig.