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Synonyms for meiosis

(genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms

understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary)

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Phases Number of Number of Abnormalities Number analyzed abnormal of cells cells cells Metaphase I 142 32 Non-oriented 12 chromosome Stickiness 20 Anaphase I 162 48 Laggards 38 Laggards and 10 precocious migration Telophase I 190 16 Micronuclei 16 Prophase II 176 12 Micronuclei 12 Metaphase II 216 24 precocious migration 02 Stickiness 22 Anaphase II 130 46 Laggards 18 Stickiness 28 Telophase II 152 16 Micronuclei 16 Tetrad with 10 micronuclei Triad 11 Triad with microcyte 18 Tetrad 204 82 Dyad 22 Dyad with microcyte 10 Monad 07 Monad with microcyte 04
Laggard chromosomes (Figure 1D and J) were visualized in MPP I and MPP II plants, affecting 16.83% of meiocytes in anaphase I and 35.90% in anaphase II, respectively.
Anaphase is the work of kibbutz-raised Ohad Naharin, who has directed Batsheva since 1990, but, alas, seems to have spent muck time abroad.
An important, unresolved issue surrounding anaphase is how the chromosomes travel along the spindle as they move to the poles.