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Synonyms for epinephrine

a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin)

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Studies that assessed the use skills of adrenaline auto injectors used in European countries (EpiPen, Anapen, Auvi-Q) showed that almost all patients applied this step correctly (6, 7).
M2 PHARMA-September 19, 2011-Allergy Therapeutics gets distribution rights for Anapen in UK, Ireland(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Declared potential competing interests: Within the last three years, the author has been on the medical advisory board for ALK-Abello (EpiPen) and involved in an Anaphylaxis Campaign project that was funded by Lincoln Medical (Anapen), and she has written a training course for Phadia (allergy testing kits) on behalf of Education for Health.
Treatment is by an already prepared adrenaline injection - an Epipen or Anapen - which anyone with a known allergy should carry at all times.