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a habitual liar (after a New Testament character who was struck dead for lying)

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Workman of Taunton, a key member of the Ananias defense team, said the judge's decision was about as good as could be hoped for from a defense perspective.
Para considerarmos o meme como genero textual nos baseamos no artigo de Ananias Agostinho da Silva (2016) "Memes virtuais: genero do discurso, dialogismo, polifonia e heterogeneidade enunciativa", no qual o autor define esse elemento e pontua que "Defendemos, aqui, que o meme virtual e, pois, um genero do discurso justamente porque, assim como os demais generos, nasce no interior de praticas discursivas de interacao humana e apresenta conteudo tematico, estilo e estrutura composicional." (SILVA, 2016, p.348).
He said among the incidents that prompted the release of the memorandum order included the attack of suspected NPA rebels at the Lapinig Municipal Police Station in Northern Samar last August 10 and the massacre of nine farmers at a sugar plantation in Sagay, Negros Oriental last October 20; the ambush of soldiers providing assistance to typhoon-hit victims in Northern Samar; and the attack on the 63rd Infantry Battalion in Matuguinao, Northern Samar last October 8 that killed former San Jose de Bauan town Mayor Ananias Rebato; the burning of heavy equipment in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental and killing of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental town police chief, Superintendent Arnel Arpon in July 2017.
Indeed, one would wish the President had the power to do to them what was done to Ananias and his wife Sapphira back in the biblical times.
Later on, Bibilov, accompanied by Minister of Higher Education Atef al-Naddaf and Minister of Religious Endowments (Awqaf), Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, visited the most important historical and religious sites in the Old City of Damascus, including Umayyad Mosque, old markets, al-Azem Palace, Khan Asaad Basha and Saint Ananias Church.
The church registers are one area he has investigated, where female first names recorded include Easter, Milbournella, Luconda, Mihitopbell, Lettice, Mehitable and Mayflower, while among male names are Ananias, Shedforth and Deminicant.
Ajiboye, David IbukunAyunga, Jonah Ananias PaulDallison-Lisbon, Thomas AlbertHornby-Forbes, Tyler CecilHunemeier, Uwe - Joined PaderbornHutchinson, Desmond JohnInce, RohanKone, Mamadou SaliouKrul, Timothy MichaelMyles Meekums, Reece ChristopherO'Sullivan, Rian MichaelRosenior, Liam JamesSidwell, Steven James
The men traveling with him brought him to Damascus, where Ananias, on the Lord's instruction, was to heal him.
In the other example, Dante imitates the episode of Saul who, after being blinded on the road to Damascus, waits and prays for the arrival of a man called Ananias, whom he has seen in a dream, to confirm him on the mission that God has chosen for him (Acts 9, 1012):
At the House of Ananias (where St Paul was converted and baptized) on Straight Street a group of people are in deep prayer.
Even in Paul's road-to-Damascus experience, it wasn't until he met with Ananias that the scales fell from his eyes and he was baptized.
The play's two religious zealots, the Anabaptists Ananias and Tribulation Wholesome, seem designed to elicit comparison with the likes of Egerton and Gouge.
The cast of "Objectively/Reasonable" includes local veterans Ashley Aquilla, India Burton, Ananias Dixon, JamekaTerri, Lashawn Little, Brenton Lyles, and Nathan Tolliver.
A particularly illuminating instance of biblical opposition to property rights is the story of Ananias and Sapphira, the central theme of which is that we have a divinely ordained duty to distribute all property in service of the "common good." In the story, the unacceptably selfish couple attempts to keep a portion of their own earnings rather than share the entirety of it with the community.