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Synonyms for pineapple

a tropical American plant bearing a large fleshy edible fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves

large sweet fleshy tropical fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves

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Its4u is initially being offered to carriers and telephone service providers as a natural extension to "vanilla" voice messaging, says Dave Tidwell, chief operating officer at Anana, which is based in England.
This is a mash up of Alcatel-Lucent's Converged Messaging System, Messaging Applications Broker and the Genesys Voice Platform with Anana speech application framework.
Staarabu was Wise, Anana was Gentle" is a versed Swahili tale of two animal friends who bravely tackle the problem of a drought and dwindling water from the River Endurance.
A new, $20 million, seven-hectare Polar Frontier at the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo and Aquarium has an acre-plus home for three-year-old polar bear sisters Anana and Aurora.
anana, ananas, ananaseiro, nanas, nanaseiro, abacaxi-branco, aberas.
brevipes (Cockerell), conocida como "cochinilla del anana", muy polifaga y cosmopolita, que afecta ademas, el cafe y la cana de azucar y es transmisora de virosis al anana y al cacao (Nickel et al.
Peter tried to sound out the words: mela, fragole, mirtilli, anana.
Los estimulos gustativos seleccionados en esta etapa fueron platano, pera, manzana, fresa, anana (pina), durazno, calabaza, zanahoria, calabacin y brecol.
Valdes and Pozo were friends for life and the singer scored big hits with the latter's compositions Blen, blen blen, Arinanara, Nague, Zarabanda, Anana boroco tinde, and many others.
22, the Museum will be holding an interactive lecture on nutrition with dietician Amal Nasser from the Anana Center.
THERE'S ANANA, bochinche, and burundanga;funche, gardinga, and guarapo, malangga, mofongo, and nangotao--and these are only a few of the African words that spice up Puerto Rico's rapid-fire version of the Spanish language.
CDC is a joint venture between MediaRing Limited, a pure-play VoIP telephony service provider in Asia, and Cambodia-based Anana Computer Ltd.
Well-structured film puts forward examples of the specific consequences and real-world injustices of free trade: anana farmers toil amid a U.
ISP AngkorNet is the registered brand of Cambodia Data Communication Company Ltd ("CDC"), a joint venture between MediaRing and Cambodia-based Anana Computer Ltd.
anana, together with plantains, is the most exported fruit in the world and the most produced food crop in least-developed countries.