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The incident was captured by the dashboard camera of the police vehicle following behind the cruiser that carried Anam, police said.
Anam ends Zubaida's story with her discovery of her past: she finds out who her mother was and meets a blood relative.
While Anam is being singled out for telling the truth.
Anam and Deeqa said they hoped the film would also encourage people who know someone at risk of FGM to report their concerns.
The crash's seriously injured are in Dhamar General Hospital while the bus's driver and other Somalis are being held by police in Dhamar, Anam said.
Cafodd Corp + Anam ei darlledu yn gyntaf ar y sianel Wyddeleg TG4 yn 2011.
On Friday, the couple arrived at the sessions court where Anam recorded her statement saying she wanted to live with Adnan.
Born in Dakha, Anam grew up in Paris, Bangkok and New York, where she earned a Ph.
Wajeeha Anam Qazi coming in at the fall of the first wicket was last out for a top score of 36.
There may not be much to split Twirl and Anam Allta in the market.
27 October 2011 -- Moody's discontinued Wednesday its rating coverage on Portuguese airport operator ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal SA (ANA) and its Madeira arm, ANAM - Aeroportos e Navegacao da Madeira SA (ANAM).
HER sister maybe the biggest star in Indian women's tennis but Anam Mirza is surely trying to carve a niche for herself in the country's sporting landscape.
The idea is to generate electric energy for the nearby communities", said Cesar Castillo, from ANAM.
Dubai Anam Khazal Jabber of Iraq and Naha Hussain of Syria were among the dominant athletes at the first Dubai Annual Track and Field Meet at the Dubai Police Officers Club yesterday.
Yemen's largest company, the Hayel Saeed Anam group, is building one of them in Hudaida region on the western Red Sea coast while the second one is being implemented by a Saudi company in Aden, on the southern Arabian Sea coast.