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Anam is the owner of the fashion outlet The Label Bazaar, while Asad's Instagram profile reads "cricketer, lawyer, traveller".
Carmen Hijosa, founder of Ananas Anam and inventor of Pinatex, a leather-like textile made from pineapples, poses for a photo with clothing made with fabric in London, Britain, December 13, 2018.
'We can attach a camera to it to check crops because when you have vegetation on over 10 acres of land, you can't really do it manually,' said the team leader Hamza.Sick and tired of the long queues for henna applications, especially on chand raat, Mahjabeen Fatima, Raima Naz, Hina Ahmed and Anam Zakir of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology had made a superficial henna hand decoration.
The singer-songwriter also penned an open note to Anam, an excerpt from which read: 'Dear Anam, I'm sorry you had to give up.
Anam, a pupil at Birmingham's King Edward VI Handsworth School for girls, does not wear a veil but wears a headscarf.
Anam, who has just finished her GCSEs at King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls, doesn't wear a face veil herself but does wear a headscarf.
Police had arrested four people including Qari Naseer, Anam Saleem, Faizan and Hussain and registered a case under anti-terrorism clause against them, while Anam was also released by district and sessions court Mansehra during the early hearing of the case.
Zachary Anam, a 19-year-old shoplifting suspect who was handcuffed in the back of Wall's cruiser and bound for police headquarters, had managed to retrieve a pistol and apparently told Wall he was suicidal.
Nashville, TN, April 14, 2017 --( Nashville, Tennessee multimedia production company Anam Multimedia has released the documentary film "Bobby Shelton - A Life on Track." The film showcases the life of highly successful entrepreneur and craftsman turned National recording artiist Bobby Shelton.
Zachary Anam, 19, was arrested Sunday for shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance at Barton Creek Square, a local shopping complex, ( the Austin American-Statesman reported .
The Bones of Grace, the final novel in Tahmima Anam's trilogy on Bangladesh (the first two are A Golden Age [2007] and The Good Muslim [2011]) is less tied to that country than its predecessors and shows the author's gaze turning outward to the West.
We found ourselves in the residence of Mahfuz Anam, celebrated editor of Daily Star.
According to reports, editor of leading Bangladeshi English language daily, The Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam, has been facing dozens of lawsuits and has been under harsh criticism from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for running unverified Director General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI)-fed graft stories against her during the 2007-8 caretaker regime.
Considering the declining revenues from P2P messaging, Tata Communications has partnered with Anam, the application-to-person (A2P) messaging monetisation service provider, to create an end-to-end solution that helps mobile network operators globally to tackle revenue loss caused by A2P SMS spam, fraud and 'grey route' messaging traffic - where message aggregators take advantage of non-contracted routes to send large volumes of A2P SMS messages.