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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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According to the indictment, the company and Kaminski together "caused Caleb Brett employees at the Linden facility to falsify the analytical test results for hundreds of millions of gallons" of reformulated gas.
Hanson Research is a technology company that specialises in analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry.
The analysis in Table 1 represents the most basic E/L analysis strategy: two solvents and two blanks, undergoing a total of 12 analytical tests. Recently, the FDA has requested variations on this analytical strategy that result in increased rigor of the analysis.
With a complete evaluation including human perception and analytical tests, our experienced and customer-focused laboratory team provides turnkey solutions that help manufacturers to make the right decision (
Smithers Rapra has published a new report entitled "Coatings and Inks for Food and Contact Materials." The report includes a thorough look at the polymers and additives that are used to produce coatings and inks, and also covers the regulation of these materials, the migration and analytical tests that are performed on them to assess their suitability for food contact applications, the migration data that have been published, and the areas in the field that are receiving the most attention for research and development.
He describes four major types of failure by plastic parts and the key reasons behind them, and offers a step-by-step procedure starting from the very basic and simple visual analysis to highly advanced analytical tests. Several actual case studies are included.
Analytical tests have shown that the Upsala peat deposits contain virtually no mercury and have significantly less sulphur emissions than coal.
* The significant expectations used in analytical tests, and the factors considered in the development of these expectations if they are not otherwise readily determinable in other workpaper documentation.
Diversified analytical tests and scientific personnel were added, and it turned out to be a success.
A major price difference between conducting analytical tests in-house and outsourcing has been observed.
In regulated and non-regulated environments, the automated system prepares chemical samples for a range of analytical tests. A benchtop operation automates parallel processing of multiple steps of experimental procedures on one deck.
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