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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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These are detected by examination of records, analytical reviews, interviews and observations.
For low risk accounts, CPAs should perform an analytical review of the account balance to ensure it is within reasonable limits that would provide adequate evidence upon which to base a conclusion that the account does contain a significant or material misstatement.
No one ever teaches you how to write book reviews; like many other aspects of academic life, you are expected to learn about it through osmosis by reading other people's reviews, and then try your own hand--usually starting with short and descriptive reviews, then moving on to longer, more analytical reviews of the kind that this journal demands.
Additional analytical reviews of revenue during planning will also be necessary, as well as the new presumption that revenue recognition should be considered a fraud risk in all financial statement audit engagements.
From setting up clients, gathering information, and performing analytical reviews, to creating finished presentations for your clients, GoSystem Audit is one of the most powerful systems available.
Attention-directing analytical reviews using accounting ratios: A case study.
Davis attempts to impose unity on these disparate chapters -- which for the most part are analytical reviews of others' books or critical, meditative reflections on others' theories and theses -- by a long critical introductory essay, "From the secular to the supernatural," which concludes with this idea: "In moving its focus from the secular to the supernatural, theology might well find itself better able to deal with the problems raised by post-modernity.
Currently, our Hospital Operations service line focuses on assisting hospitals and health care systems improve or turn around' their business through comprehensive and integrated analytical reviews, operations assessments and performance improvement plans," said Salmon.
It also will build a knowledge base by carrying out analytical reviews and assessments of the institutional framework for service provision schemes/models supported by the project.
The working group will propose its recommendations on prevention of financial crises, publish analytical reviews and post statements concerning the current state of the world financial markets and publish them in media.
Business analytics software, however, can play a significant role in the audit engagement when it is used to assist the auditor in performing the preliminary analytical reviews in the risk-assessment process.
the tax implications and reporting of the previously announced fourth quarter sale of Southeastern Employee Benefits Services, and completion of other analytical reviews.
There is cost-effective method of compensating for the lack of paperwork control: More extensive analytical reviews on the relationships between production throughput, total cycle time, sales volume, and manufacturing costs will provide evidence regarding the appropriateness of the transactions and account balances.
Today's economic uncertainty has put new pressure on enterprises to perform cautious analytical reviews of their current and proposed programs," says Carl Frappaolo, executive vice president and leader of Delphi's consulting practice.
Performing analytical reviews, workpaper reviews, or independent reviews requires an up-to-date knowledge of accounting and auditing pronouncements.
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