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an artistic movement in France beginning in 1907 that featured surfaces of geometrical planes

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People expected to see visible evidence of something "African" - meaning grotesque and savage -in Analytic Cubism.
Analytic Cubism examined everyday three-dimensional objects from multiple viewpoints, broke them down into geometric shapes, and then reorganized the mass of forms into a two-dimensional composition.
And cannot Picasso's move away from the color of the Blue and Rose periods towards the somber canvases of analytic Cubism be read as a reaction against Matisse the great colorist?
This condition, Ortega explained, made a decisive appearance with Analytic Cubism, a movement that lacked the "all-too-human"--it did not bespeak the great themes of human life, whether mediated by age-old narratives or not--and therefore could never be truly great, let alone of lasting appeal.
And whereas the latter reproduces the planes of analytic cubism as an overall field of Abstract Expressionist mark-making, the former isolates its elements as discrete units, suspending two distinct forms against a neutral ground, and likewise trades the larger piece's drab gray palette for vivid color.
While the palette of Yikes clearly refers to the browns and grays of Analytic Cubism and is thus somewhat anomalous within Murray's normally bright, disharmonic chromatic world, it does underscore the turn in her work of this time away from any hint of frivolity as she began to realize the depth of the vein she had struck.
In spite of Leger's debt to Analytic Cubism and the greedy eye he cast toward Futurism, these canvases are completely original productions.
One was "congeries," an odd singular noun with which Barr characterized the labyrinthine clustering of planes in Analytic Cubism.