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a telephone call in which more than two people participate

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Additionally, there are brown-bag meetings with speakers, and associates also meet to listen to quarterly analyst calls and then discuss the calls with a guest speaker.
Barnard, a partner of law firm Sullivan & Worcester in Boston, says her firm tells its clients "to eliminate private analyst calls. Now everything goes out over a simulcast--a live broadcast on, for example, the Web and television--or a conference call.
Informal Corporate Disclosure Under Federal Securities Law: Press Releases, Analyst Calls and Other Communications is a updated softbound volume published by CCH, Inc.
Each Gillette analyst calls Boston two, three, even four times a week, to talk to Milton Glass.
Analyst Calls Abandoned Symantec-Broadcom Merger Talks A 'Head-Scratcher'
The analyst calls Canopy Growth the best opportunity, citing "definitive category leadership, C$4B cash on hand offering significant optionality, and the best position to attack the $100B U.S.
Indeed, jealous energy industry rivals were quick to emulate what the company was doing, the result of what one industry analyst calls "Enron envy."
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