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Synonyms for analyst

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Synonyms for analyst

someone who is skilled at analyzing data

an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc

a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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Despite the company's 24.4% climb in share price over the past year, and 30 years of 'market efficiency,' analysts are largely bullish on Microsoft.
Nine of 10 most recent analysts to publish research on the stock are bullish with an average price target of $157 compared to Friday's closing price of $137.79.
The Respond Analyst is currently on the job augmenting security operations teams at large and small companies in the Energy, Financial Services, and Retail industries.
Morningstar launched its Analyst Rating for funds and Global Fund Reports in November 2011.
For equities, analysts from Deutsche Regis bagged a total of five awards.
"We have looked at hundreds of variables over the year and we can't find anything that is more important than what security analysts say," stated Riddle, who has been studying financial behavior since the 1970s.
Whether sliced by roles, topics, or industries, legacy analyst firms have required a purchase of multiple subscriptions to research that no longer meet the needs of the digital executive.
Our results indicate that relevant information is not displayed appropriately on analyst research reports.
Naive retail investors tend to follow analyst signals (buy, sell, or hold) quite literally while institutional investors are sophisticated enough to scrutinize biased analyst guidance (Malmendier and Shanthikumar 2007b).
* Technology trends and business trends are highly regarded when looking at analyst research;
(ET).Victor Rojas(play-by-play),Joe Simpson(analyst) andSam Ryan(reporter) will call the action.
private health insurers had left over after paying claims grew more slowly in 2014 than government analysts had expected.
W hen you run across a stock that's rated "buy'' by Wall Street analysts, don't rush to snap up shares.
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