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Synonyms for analyst

Synonyms for analyst

someone who is skilled at analyzing data

an expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc

a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis

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After Powell mentioned the CIA's conclusions about the aluminum tubes in his speech at the United Nations, retired INR analyst Greg Thielmann criticized Powell publicly, telling "60 Minutes II" that the speech was "probably one of the low points in [Powell's] long, distinguished service to the nation.
And, as Thomas Brown, a former bank stock analyst who now runs Second Curve Capital, a hedge fund that invests in financial services companies, says, "If a CEO doesn't have the bad news and we do, it's a sign of a big problem.
Insurers and analysts have different views on the effects of Reg FD.
AIMR awards the chartered financial analyst designation and has over 47,000 regular members worldwide, many of whom work in investment management.
But other attorneys are encouraging clients to be fully open to the investment community and continue to have analyst meetings -- but to make sure they have disclosed everything in a release before the meeting.
If the analyst feels that alternative methods need to be used, or that a different layout would assure better material flow, the suggestions should be discussed with the supervisor and any changes made prior to commencing the study.
When an analyst finally formulates his investment thesis, we have a meeting of our investment policy committee.
Getting through to the analyst was easier than I expected.
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