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At 696 pages, Piketty's new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, is his magnum opus, comprising his years of analysis of wealth and income history in the developed world.
com/research/6cljv8/the_vietnam_2014) has announced the addition of the "2014 Analysis of Wealth in Vietnam " report to their offering.
New York will overtake London as the most important city for the ultra-wealthy by 2024, according to Knight Frank's Wealth Report, an annual analysis of wealth flows and property investment around the world.
The core idea is to shift scholarly attention toward racial differences in wealth, because by comparison with earnings, there has been relatively little analysis of wealth.
When I talk about love, compassion, sympathy for less-fortunate fellow citizens, it is linked to an analysis of wealth and power, and to strategies of organizing and mobilizing.
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