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the rectangular formation of parallel scanning lines that guide the electron beam on a television screen or a computer monitor

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Due to the growing demand for this "video in car", the fast switching of analog video in automotive infotainment applications becomes a key criteria.
The video captured by the school s decade-old analog video cameras yielded too few details to be useful especially at night when most incidents occur.
Transmission distances of an IP video network on optical fiber cable can be up to 6,562 feet on multimode fiber and even farther on single-mode fiber, while distances are only slightly shorter for an analog video system.
* A selectable 1:1 aspect ratio format for analog video output to support legacy avionics-style color and monochrome display monitors.
Conventional analog video inputs are also accepted.
The encoder converts analog video sources (from cameras and domes) into native IP signals and uses powerful active content compression technology common to the Intellex family of products.
A DVI-I input is joined by a host of analog video inputs.
Another new development is the migration from analog video to Internet Protocol (IP) video.
Techwell designs both general purpose and application specific products that enable the conversion of analog video signals to digital form and perform advanced digital video processing to facilitate the display, storage and transport of video content.
TIMS is multi-modality and can acquire from all analog video and DICOM modalities including ultrasound, CT, MR, endoscopy, angiography, and more.
In addition to HDTV viewing, the AVerTV PVR 6.0 application allows users to capture analog video, the edit with Windows Movie Maker.
-- Video decoder that converts analog video signals into high-quality digital video signals
The remote system is connected to a KVM appliance that takes the analog video output of the target computer, digitizes it, and sends the data across the IP network to the administrator's screen.
Founded in 1997, VBrick's first product was an encoder that took analog video, compressed it, and streamed it over the Internet, according to Pat Cassella, senior director of Product Management.
OFS, designer, manufacturer and supplier of leading edge fiber optic products today announced that its low-loss Access ADVANTAGE System supports voice, data, today's analog video, and advanced digital video over 20km Passive Optical Networks (PONs) in all popular configurations, including single fiber networks that place 1:32 splitters close to subscribers.
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