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the rectangular formation of parallel scanning lines that guide the electron beam on a television screen or a computer monitor

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RF CNR analysis is the common metric for evaluating analog video system performance.
Capturing analog video isn't difficult, but most PCs aren't set up to do this task.
The FatCats can also be used to send analog audio or PCM audio along with your analog video signal.
The combination is ideal for use in any professional security application that requires the conversion of analog video to a high-performance, digital solution.
Each police cruiser contained an L-3 Communications MobileVision analog video recording system.
HT-CAV-SP101, Component analog video and S/PDIF audio IN to HDMI OUT, $249
Features include up to 16 analog video inputs, production proven NTSC/PAL analog video decoder with Faroudja Intellicomb 3D Y/C separation; an NTSC/PAL video encoder, worldwide stereo analog audio decoder, powerful and programmable audio DSP, integrated audio DACs, USB 2.
For composite video streams, a high quality 3D comb filter for NTSC and PAL with concurrent 3D noise reduction is integrated to reduce artifacts typically found in analog video signals.
System features include mobile-rated digital or analog video recorders; rear-, side-, and forward-view interior & exterior cameras; flatscreen or CRT monitors; built-in audio; camera switchers; and infrared technology.
The RGB Simulcast Edge Processor is the cable industry's first complete solution for digital simulcast edge decoding applications, providing the capability to simultaneously receive multiple MPEG-2 digital video streams over Internet Protocol (IP), decode the video streams, modulate and up-convert them, and deliver the streams directly to subscribers as NTSC analog video at the edge of the network.
The TeraPIX processor powers a new type of Residential Gateway, installed outside or just inside a residence, which allows the network to be all-digital, while subscribers continue to receive the cable-ready analog video, digital video, high speed data and voice services they crave.
New Instrument Combines Perceptual Assessment Algorithms With Both Digital and Analog Video Interfaces to Test and Measure Quality of IPTV Services
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