analog-to-digital converter

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device for converting analogue signals into digital signals

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The ST1675 is a state-of-the-art custom mixed-signal device with three main audio sections: a stereo analog to digital converter (ADC), a stereo digital to analog converter (DAC), and a digitally controlled analog mixer.
The AD6652 is an integrated radio receiver with embedded dual analog to digital converters (ADCs) and RSPs.
Consideration of these areas of high-performance specifications, make the MCP602X devices ideal for driving analog to digital converters (ADCs), buffering digital to analog converters (DACs) and barcode scanning applications.
Combining the Crystal DSPs, factory developed firmwares and the Crystal digital to analog and analog to digital converters, Cirrus Logic offers a single source solution for architecture and design of Internet age consumer audio entertainment equipment.
It consists of a Gaussian minimum shift key modulator; linear codec for voice; analog to digital converters for demodulation and for observation of battery and temperature; and digital to analog converters for automatic frequency control and automatic gain control functions.
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