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Synonyms for analog

something having the property of being analogous to something else

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of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input

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Therefore, the EC-1 provides an excellent configuration to send the analog data from an external A / D converter to the master devices.
National Instruments and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have announced a collaboration to facilitate the availability of pretested Big Analog Data solutions based on NI DataFinder Server Edition software and HPE Moonshot Systems.
These systems are being combined with Big Analog Data solutions to gain deeper insight through data and analyt-ics.
The TIQ-Comparator is functioning as data quantization of the analog data to thermometer code (TC), and is important for linearity and accuracy of the data transfer.
The group claims it is the first end-to-end system that addresses Big Analog Data challenges and builds on the industrial Internet of Things.
Since the data we process is done in the forms of binary 0's and 1's, working with components which provide analog data or respond to analog signals is a topic of study for system designers.
According to Bradicich at NI, the systems give industries a way to gather analog data such as vibration, voltage, sound, temperature, or electrical output from machines and other physical devices.
Their topics include microcontrollers for embedded systems, assembly language program, C language in an embedded environment, programming simple input and output, liquid crystal displays, analog data and devices, and operations systems.
Messages include a full graphic report showing the actual analog data signature of the trigger event with precise time, location, and other data to allow for greater confidence in interpreting the event.
"Big analog data" is National Instruments' term for the data that's increasingly derived from the incorporation of sensors and measurement devices inside anything and everything.
1) Analog event representation of the respective digital inputs with subsequent digital representations of the respective analog data;
Biometric information, however, is analog data which varies with environmental conditions such as lighting or temperature, or the person's physical condition, and therefore contains errors every time the data is captured.
When profile post processing is not desired, the LJ-V7000 also has the ability to provide analog data or judgement outputs using onboard 2D and 3D data processing capability.
* WSDA-Base-101 Analog Output Base Station: With 8 channels of user assignable analog output, it is ideal for communication with existing analog data acquisition systems.