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Synonyms for analog

something having the property of being analogous to something else

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of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input

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The DataFinder-Moonshot Big Analog Data solution is a potent combination, making it easier for engineers to rapidly deploy and gain insight from manufacturing, test, and Internet of Things (IoT) data," said Dr.
NI says the enterprise solution solves the data management, data analysis and systems management challenges common in Big Analog Data applications.
Based on this large amount of information stored, through carrying out operations on the efficient analog data, it is possible to reduce the energy consumption as the amount of data to be processed increases.
When profile post processing is not desired, the LJ-V7000 also has the ability to provide analog data or judgement outputs using onboard 2D and 3D data processing capability.
WSDA-Base-101 Analog Output Base Station: With 8 channels of user assignable analog output, it is ideal for communication with existing analog data acquisition systems.
Analog semiconductors convert analog data into digital signals in smartphones, PCs and many other devices.
The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project, located at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California, is taking analog data from original recorders used to store on tape and 1,500 of the original tapes, converting the data into digital form, and reconstructing the images.
By using the I/O modules to translate analog data into J1939/ CANbus data, users increase the integration capabilities of the engine," said Todd Shoemaker, industrial stationary market manager at Murphy.
The analog data is recovered as two 4-20 mA outputs, and the switch data is provided by optically isolated NPN transistors outputs.
The analog data is recovered as two 4-20mA outputs and the switch data is provided by optical]y isolated NPN transistors outputs.
DI-158U--acquisition/distribution of numerical and analog data module connected to PC through USB (DATAQ manufactured)
As a drive 'reads' analog data from the disk drive platter, the preamplifier amplifies the signals before they are sent to a read-channel IC for processing and digitisation.
The central system processes up to 128 analog data channels per molding machine without needing a local PC at the machine.
The Analog Data Responding Unit, AnDRU Box, is specifically designed to control pumps and alarms based on a 4~20 mA analog input.
The Si844x is suitable for applications such as switch mode power supplies, Ethernet/CAN networks and isolated analog data acquisition.