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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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A I fear this fetid, Nick Hornby-induced obsession with compiling anally retentive best/worst lists is a pestilent blight on this nation's psyche.
So, here is a site that is strangely anally retentive about its oeuvre.
The reader remains unperturbed by the death of Bianca, this Sorbonne-trained, anally retentive Barbie doll whose pious aim in life is to "cure homosexuals" and whose racism camouflages her own Indo-Chinese background and her upbringing in the former Zaire.
laid-back, lovely, easy-going, plump-ish Chloe-types or-up-tight, self-obsessed, anally retentive, buffed Gary-Types.
THE problem with being even the slightest bit anally retentive is that once you pop, you can't stop.
A darkly amusing two-hander about sexual anxiety and liberation, this stars Sandrine Bonnaire as a neurotic woman who mistakenly steps into, not the offices of psychiatrist Michel Duchaussoy but those of anally retentive tax lawyer Fabrice Luchini, proceeds to unload her marital troubles and then leaves.
He drowns his sorrows with slacker best friend Cooper and the twins, tomboy Jenny and anally retentive Jamie.
We wouldn't have minded so much if Stuart Dickinson had been similarly anally retentive about the Betsen forward pass which gave France their second killer try.
ANALLY retentive readers are continuing to bombard The Scurra with alternatives to the 11 cockney rhyming slang phrases for piles already published.
Good dancing is like good sex - it requires co-ordination and complete abandonment, a trait our anally retentive Prince doesn't have.
Stiller plays anally retentive stiff so well and his character, White Goodman, is the stiffest stiff he's done.