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Antonyms for flashback

a transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to an earlier event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story

an unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience (especially a recurrence of the effects of an hallucinogenic drug taken much earlier)

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Carter's use of analepsis links with the theme of land connection because in this moment of temporal displacement, Southern affective attachment to the land can ignore the history of initial indigenous claim.
295--he adopts Genette's analepsis and prolepsis in a discussion of time in Lord Jim; Linda M.
It begins with the term ch'u [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "earlier" (see also the discussion on analepsis below) and the account of Duke Zhuang's problematic birth.
Aristotle's model for plot is so structurally similar to his model of time that it appears to ignore the most common of plot devices, such as analepsis, and to confine itself to 'story' or the temporal-causal raw material of fiction as defined by the Russian Formalists.
39) Prolepsis and analepsis in Genette's terminology; [see Eagleton (1983), Chapter 4.
Como Barden no es un narrador confiable, la mayor parte de su biografia esta a cargo de un narrador omnisciente, quien vuelve sobre el personaje, mediante analepsis, en las diez lecciones de perversion, que son una especie de parodia de Justine de Sade y del lado oscuro de una sociedad abyecta.
Y si, el relato comienza con la frase "Crei que todo era este sueno" (121), analepsis que sumerge al narrador en la metadiegesis, un espacio onirico en el que la narradora-protagonista se describe internada en una habitacion de hospital, esperando adopcion por parte de sus parientes mas cercanos.
Nonetheless, his resolution is to point up the limited duration of the analepsis that occurs at the beginning of the Illiad, implying that it is of limited importance alter all (Genette 30).
Prolepsis and analepsis are the figures that mark how time shifts to future and past events, that is, events that take place before or after the point in the story where the reader is situated.
accesses in the Gift is described with the terminology of film--literary analepsis is likened to cinematic flashback--and thus reinforces H.
The artist's disgust is undercut by Millhauser's interesting use of analepsis within the scene.
Emmarentia, die alter ego van Emma, verskaf deur middel van analepsis vir ons in tonele 1, 4, 6 en 9 agtergrond-inligting wat die histoire van die gebeure bind, veral as sy (op pp.