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Antonyms for flashback

a transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to an earlier event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story

an unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience (especially a recurrence of the effects of an hallucinogenic drug taken much earlier)

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En esta novela autoficcional el narrador homodiegetico Fernando relata en forma de analepsis la relacion amorosa que mantiene primero con Alexis y, despues de su asesinato cometido por Wilmar, con este.
The ur-text in Clotilde Landais's contribution is Alice in Wonderland and the filtering metafictional text is Aliss by Patrick Senecal, using Gerard Genette's concept of the metalepsis, which is parallel with his time-jumping concepts of prolepsis and analepsis but involves not merely shifting the narrative backward or forward but out of the narrative timeline entirely.
Maud Ellman and Irene de Jong have both described the narrative turn of events brought about by Eurycleia's discovery as a flashback (or analepsis).
Through an engagement with the narrative device of prolepsis, as well as analepsis, which recalls rather than anticipates an earlier event (Genette 40), "Pantaloon in Black" depicts the central act of unrepresented violence as an element of a trauma that begins before and extends beyond the actual temporal moment of the lynching.
"Traumatic Analepsis and Liane Claire in GB Tran's Vietnamerica." The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship 4.1 (2014): <http://doi.ora/10.5334/ca.at>.
De hecho, si en el juego "el elemento principal es el tiempo" (Saer 1999, 195), no deja de llamar la atencion el que uno de los procesos de escritura en Responso sea la analepsis en la que se posponen elementos que hubieran tenido que ser mencionados antes si la cronologia hubiera sido respetada (Genette 1972: 82-105).
temporal fragmentada por las analepsis y las prolepsis sucesivas.
The writer is known for her "striking handling of time" (Berthin-Scaillet 2010) and for her fascination with "the effects of time" (Enright 2012), not only real time but also narrative time, where she skillfully plays with prolepsis, analepsis and ellipsis in order to reconstruct the way time changes or obliterates memories, and how it gives significance to certain events that had passed unnoticed.
A particular strength of the close readings in Creolizing the Metropole is the discussion of the representational strategies used in the novels and films, and the ways these shape the identitarian discourses, for example Zadie Smith's use of analepsis and prolepsis in White Teeth (2000) through which she "deconstructs the discursive structures and assumptions undergirding inscription of colonial history" (p.