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Thus, although the anal secretions from sexually mature beetles inhibited the growth of Trichoderma sp., the number of days required for fungal growth to reach confluency was significantly longer for inoculums containing mature female anal secretions than those produced from mature males (independent sample Student's t test: P < 0.001, sexually mature male: n = 16, sexually mature female: n = 15), which is considered a better fungistasis from mature females.
The deposition of oral and anal secretions on a carcass is one burying beetle behavior that reduces the rate of decay [23, 27, 33, 35].
The oral and anal secretions of burying beetles contain antimicrobial chemicals [48].
The division of labor in reproduction among male and female burying beetles may extend to the deposition of oral and anal secretions on the carcass.
Howard et al, "Inhibition of microorganisms on a carrion breeding resource: the antimicrobial peptide activity of burying beetle (Coleoptera: Silphidae) oral and anal secretions," Environmental Entomology, vol.